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Spot Binance Signals 2022

Feb 8

When will I buy and sell bitcoin again? You can visit for trading automation. This is a question many new investors and traders are asking. In this article we will briefly write down the personal vision of the editors. Let's start with bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a new disruptive monetary mycelium technology under development. This technology will enable a new technological transformation that is in harmony with the current technological advancements and developments in this global digital information age. In the bud, bitcoin is monetaryly superior to anything that mankind had previously put to use as money. Like our technological advancements, Bitcoin is deflationary (it pushes prices down), making it the best calculator and store of productivity in our distributed information systems of an increasingly digitized global marketplace communicating over the Internet. Bitcoin works like a digital mycelium on the internet here:

Buying Bitcoin on a good exchange, such as Bitvavo in Amsterdam, is not an investment in a regular investment class. It is a completely new monetary asset class, often described simply as digitally distributed gold 2.0. Bitcoin is a new financial mycelium that offers humanity the opportunity to move forward; instead of backwards.

Financial decline is now happening everywhere. The current centrally controlled inflationary fiat money system based on rising debt is not sustainable. Fiat money is doomed to lose value faster and faster and lose purchasing power. A transition to a distributed, equitable and globally accessible money system for all for value preservation and creation is necessary to avoid an uncontrolled collapse of the current fiat money system.

We are witnessing a monetary paradigmatic shift. The development path has not been given and the outcome is still speculative. Furthermore, technology is adopted as an S-curve and the transition is completely unimaginably volatile. The market capitalization is relatively small. Hence, it is not surprising: the bitcoin price is volatile.